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Enhancing Equine Performance.


Certified in Equine Massage

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About Laura

I am a life long equestrian  with interests and skills across disciplines;from western riding, barrel racing, cross-country jumping, dressage and hunter/jumpers. My experience has taught me that  showing, trailering and training  is strenuous on an equine athlete, even if they are well conditioned. 


With a 200 hour certification in Equine Massage from Bancroft School of Massage to my degree in Equine studies from the University of Massachusetts, and more than 30 years of experience in the equine world. I offer a well rounded approach to working with the equine athlete to enhance their performance and  increase their longevity.


When not working with clients you can find me competing my horse Saylor in the local circuit. I know that Saylor appreciates my  skill in equine massage as he always feels great and ready to perform every time we enter the show ring.


A regular massage plays a vital role in your equine athletes maintenance schedule

Benefits of Massage

Increases flexiblity and circulation
Female teen on cross country course jump
Reduces stress and injury
Improves movement and performance
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I would like to take a moment to thank Laura for taking such good care of my aging OTTB. He is very used to a 4 week schedule of massage and since I moved him up here from Delray Beach Florida Laura has been seeing  Braveheart (2 years about). He loves her and he is picky, he has been the best and most sound over the last 2 years of our 9 year journey together (Braveheart and me).

Highly recommend her for your equine massage needs. She is also flexible as Braveheart has moved 2 times in 2 years to different stables. 

Braveheart pic attached this 25 year old is as healthy and happy as any 12 year old. 

Thank you Laura for all u do. 

And ps her packages are very affordable comparably, and we have been in CT, FL, Cape Cod, and NH.  

Michael and Braveheart aka "Papa"

“I have a big friesian cross mare who I've struggled getting her to give to pressure and bend along with a fair amount of pulling on my hands. She is also a very nervous horse in the saddle and I have had to work hard to get her to a point of relaxation.  Laura has worked on Bella a few times now and every time she comes, Bella is continually yawning, licking her lips and dropping her head (releasing tension and relaxing). Laura knows exactly where there is tension and asks questions that may have to do with where we are struggling in our training due to soreness or tight muscles. Laura is always professional and patient and she truly listens to what the horse is telling her. After a massage from Laura, Bella seems much more relaxed under saddle. Bending doesn’t seem to be as much of a struggle and she isn’t so strong in my hands. I am able to get her to stretch her neck so much more after she’s been worked on.”  Ellary Douglas



Servicing Western MA, and Connecticut





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